How the Bend Scientific Ambassador Program works:


  • A perspective athlete applies for our program on our website.
  • Once the application has been completed and approved, we’ll schedule an interview (phone, video chat, or in-person)
  • Bend Scientific determines if ?????


What the ambassador gets:

  • We supply our products to you for free! (1 bottle a month).
  • We supply you with affiliate discount codes and links, you will earn 25% of everything sold through your links and discount codes, paid monthly.
  • Shirts / jersey for competitive events (let us know what you need and we can work something out to get you what you need).
  • Access to quarterly calls with the both myself and Dr. Hyatt to answer questions and chat about products.
  • 50% off our products for yourself and to re-sell to your clients / patients / etc.
  • Featured on our website with your own landing page similar to this screenshot from Patagonia site (
  • Access to new products before the public for social posts and testing.


We are looking for from our Ambassadors: 

  • Serious athletes, they do not have to be professional, but they have to be serious and committed to their craft.
  • We are looking for CrossFit, cycling, running, yoga, etc… 
  • We are looking for people that are a bit more serious about the “health” side of their craft, don’t have to be health freaks, but not really looking for people slamming 4 red bulls before doing something dangerous and crazy. 
  • Would like to have 1 social post a week talking about typically showing the product, or featuring the product. We haven’t really figured out exactly how to quantify this, but want you to really put the product out there and recommend it regularly (4+ post per month)
  • Would love to have a testimonial video from you (shot on phone is fine) talking about the product, how you use it, why you recommend it (2 times a year)
  • Would love to have you wear a jersey with our logo on it in a few events a year. (this isn’t a requirement, but is pretty cool, we would supply a nice shirt / jersey depending on what you need or are doing (see a picture shot from a 80 mile gravel race this past weekend from one of our ambassadors)
  • Participate in a podcast once or more a year
  • Write a blog post about our products for our blog 1 time.
  • Write a blog post about our products on YOUR site (if you have one) 1 time.