The 2018 Farm Bill is a very exciting step in the right direction!

Most importantly, the passing of this bill is a win for the American economy, research institutions, farmers, and regular people all over the world, all of whom will enjoy the many uses of hemp-derived products.

We expect to see continued clarity throughout the coming next few years in this area. As with so many things, there is a lot of misinformation out there regarding the bill itself, the FDA, DEA, and the legality of using CBD and other hemp based derivatives in products.

It’s important not to confuse legality with regulation. The FDA doesn’t make laws, it promulgates regulations. The Hemp Act specifically makes CBD from hemp legal. The legislature and president have made it legal.

It is legal.

The FDA is actively working with the USDA and other stakeholders to promulgate rules for CBD as a food additive. This regulation is crucial to public safety to verify the quality of CBD and to create enforcement policies for keeping synthetic & contaminated product off the market, as well as setting the bar for making claims.

All our products are physician formulated, 3rd party lab tested, and made to our extremely high standards.

Bottom line, our products are legal, of the highest quality, tested, and purposefully created. Welcome to the crossroads of science and nature.